Can Industrial Water Chiller be Cleaned With Acid?

Can industrial chillers be cleaned with acid? It is certain that pickling, as a cleaning method, can be applied, but it is necessary to take into account the dilution degree of acid and the type of acid. Air cooled industrial water chiller with 10 HP compressor total power, built in stainless steel insulated water tank, durable and easy to clean. Basically, almost all condensers can use pickling to clean. In addition, you also need to consider the parts of the chiller you want to clean, is a part, or the whole system cycle cleaning and cleaning, these two aspects are completely different.

Water chiller with acid

If the cleaning and cleaning cycle is running, it is necessary to ensure that the system is completely closed, and connected to the cleaning pump, liquid distribution box, and connected to the air cooler water chiller related valves. If it is cleaned separately, the condenser must be removed, and then the diluted acid must be added to it. It must be filled up to play the corresponding cleaning effect. The reason why it is necessary to clean the water chiller is that there are many parts in the water chiller that are related to the normal operation of the whole thing, because these parts are circulating parts, so they belong to a cycle of the chiller, and they must ensure the normal operation.

What are the causes and treatment methods of chiller odor? Poor ventilation of the chiller, excessive temperature and humidity, resulting in a large number of mold reproduction, mildew smell; The circulating cooling water in the water tank of the chiller is not replaced in time, resulting in microbial fermentation; We know the cause of the smell of the chiller, so how to solve it? First of all, the chiller needs to be placed in a ventilated position. It is usually necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the chiller. In addition to paying attention to the purity of the water (using distilled water or pure water), the device with a chiller filter can also reduce the smell.

Processing method: The food refrigerated by the chiller must be inspected and stored without deterioration. Generally, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of refrigeration equipment. It is forbidden to unload the equipment in reverse order to avoid damaging the pipelines and causing refrigerant leakage. There shall be no peculiar smell in chiller warehouse before purchase. If there is peculiar smell, it must be treated by technology to eliminate peculiar smell before use. Do not mix and store mutually infected food in the chiller. In the process of food cold processing, it is necessary to keep a certain temperature in the chiller warehouse, and frozen food shall not be transferred to storage or storage.

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