How to Debug and Trial Run a Water Chiller

10 hp 8 ton air cooled industrial water chiller front side

Installing the water chiller is not a easy thing. After finishing the installation of water chiller, piping and cabling, the next step is debugging. Follow the steps and you will finish soon.

Step 1: Inspection before Debugging

Inspection of Installation Status. It is necessary to check if the location, environment, base and space for maintenance meet the requirements.

Inspection of Water System:

  1. Check if the flowing direction for water of evaporator and condenser is correct.
  2. Check the thermal retardation of the chilled water pipe.
  3. Check if the connection of pressure meter and temperature meter is correct.
  4. Check if the flow switch of chilled water/cooling water is correctly installed. Ensure that the flow switch and control cabinet are correctly connected.

Load Inspection. Check if the air handling system is correctly connected. Check if the outlet is free, if the load space and insulation meets the requirement. Check if the load is matched with unit.

Caution: Do not check the power supply without suitable inspection tooling and precautions.

Step 2: Debugging and Trial Running

After finish the inspection, the next step is debugging and trial running.

  1. It is necessary to energize the unit before starting it so that the heating belt of the compressor works. The heating hours should not be less than 8 hours.
  2. Adjust the flow control valve or the inlet isolating valve of the chilled/ cooling water system so that the water flow reaches the standard.
  3. Check the malfunction record through the operation display. If there is any malfunction, it is necessary to repair it.
  4. After verifying the setting parameter of the controller, press the ON button to start the unit.
  5. After starting the unit, check the rotational direction of the compressor. If reversal occurs, please adjust two of the phase wire of the power cord. Ensure the lubricating oil shown in the mirror is in the visible position.
  6. Set the inlet water temperature according to the actual situation of load and water system so that the unit runs normally. Perform the trial running for 30 min. After stopping for 10 min, restart it.
    Finally, check the setting parameters of the operation display and finish debbugging and trial running.

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