How to Install the Water Chiller?

2 ton air cooled industrial water chiller front side

Water chiller, also known as chiller, is a cooling water device that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. When the engine is working, it will generate a lot of heat and the temperature will rise. The rise of the engine temperature will cause the metal performance and strength of the engine parts to decrease, which will be easily damaged. The increase of temperature will also cause the viscosity of the lubricating oil to drop and destroy the oil film, resulting in deterioration of engine lubrication and damage to the engine, so the heat generated by the engine must be dissipated in time when the engine is working.

But how to install it? Here are the steps.

  1. First of all, check whether the base conforms to the footing properly size of water chiller in the general diagram. The base should be smooth and level.
  2. Put the base steel in the prescriptive position.
  3. Put the refrigerant unit on the base steel.
  4. There should be no space between the base steel and body foot plate of the refrigerant circulate system of chiller.
    Adjusting shim should be put between the base steel and the concrete foundation. Adjust the base steel to be level (the altitude difference should be within 0.5 mm every meter).
  5. Lift the refrigerant unit and put the damper rubber blanket on the base steel, and then put the unit on the damper rubber blanket.
  6. After installation, ensure that the horizontal slope should be within l*1000. If it is beyond the range, adjust the unit. Put a pad (the pad is provided by the installer) between the footing and the shock pad, and then check the horizontal slope until it is passed.

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