How to Maintain a Water Chiller?

Besides learning how to use, we also need know how to maintain the water chiller. 2 ton air cooled industrial water chiller equipped with compressor and motor overload protection, anti-freeze thermostat, pressure gauges functions. Maintain the unit periodically according to the specification to ensure the normal running.

Water chiller maintenance
  • Keep the machine room dry, clean and ventilative.
  • If fire occurs, switch off the general power and eradicate the fire with fire extinguisher.
  • The working environment should be far away from the flammable matter such as gasoline and alcohol in case of explosion.
  • If the unit stops due to malfunction, it is required to find out the reason and repair it before restart it. If there is refrigerant leak or chilled water leak, turn off all of the switches. If the unit can not be stopped through the controller, stop it through the emergency stop button on the electric control cabinet and cut off the general power.
  • The unit is fitted with a variety of automatic protection device. The setting value of each protection is set before delivery. Do not change it casually.
  • Do not stop the unit by cutting off the main power unless it is emergent.
  • Check the running state of the unit frequently, including water quality of cooling water and chilled water, water temperature, water pressure, water filter, water pump, cooling tower. If they are abnormal, repair them in time.
  • Do not open or close any stop valve during debugging and running water chiller.

If the flow passage of the shell and tube heat exchanger is frozen seriously, it may be crack and leaked. As a result, please pay attention to protection of frost, especially the following three points.

  1. If the unit is stored in the environment where outdoor temperature is lower than 0, it is necessary to discharge the water in the evaporator and the condenser.
  2. During running, invalid flow switch of cooling water may freeze the pipe. So we have to learn the proper cold insulation of water chiller. As a result, the flow switch and the unit must be interlocked.
  3. During maintenance, charging or releasing refrigerant may frost the evaporator. Therefore, keep the water flowing in the evaporator or completely discharge the water.

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