How to Repair a Waterchiller

20 hp 17 ton air cooled industrial water chiller

For the sake of long-term reliable running of the unit, the debugging should be performed by our professional staff or by the person with certain air conditioning knowledge under the instruction of our professional staff. The daily operation and water chiller maintenance should also be performed by professional person. The normal usage time for water-cooled chiller is about 3000h/ year. For the sake of long-term reliable running of the unit and the increasing of lifespan as well as reducing of cost, it is important to maintain the unit. The daily maintenance during running and inspection process is called preventive maintenance. Users are responsible for establishing the yearly, monthly maintenance plan according to the actual running state of the unit and performing the daily and periodical maintenance.

Daily Start and Stop of the Unit

There are two modes manual and automatic for the daily start and stop of the unit.
ON/OFF button on the controller is used for manual start and stop of the unit. The emergency stop button on the door of the electric control cabinet is used for the emergency stop of the unit during maintenance and debugging.

Maintenance of Main Parts

  1. During running of the unit, pay attention to the exhaust and suction pressure of the system. If there is abnormality, find out the reason and remove the malfunction.
  2. Do not casually adjust the set point of the control and protection parts.
  3. Check if the wire is loose. Fix it if it is loose.
  4. Check the reliability of the electric parts periodically and replace the invalid or unreliable parts.

Contaminant Release

After long-term running, there will be calcium oxide and other minerals accumulated on the heat transfer surface of the shell and tube heat exchanger. If there is too much scaling, it will affect heat transfer performance and lead to increase of electricity depletion and exhaust pressure. It can be released by organic acid such as formate, citric acid and acetic acid.

Stop of the Unit in Winter

When stop the unit in winter, it is necessary to clean and dry the inner and outer surface of the unit. Open the discharging valve to release the water in the shell and tube heat exchanger in case of freezing.

Start of the Unit in Spring

After long-term stop, prepare the following process before starting the unit.

  1. Fully check and clean the unit.
  2. Clean the water pipe.
  3. Check the water pump.
  4. Screw all the connector.
  5. Preheat the compressor according to the requirement.

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