Installation Preparation of Water Chiller

10 hp 8 ton air cooled industrial water chiller front side

Water chiller, also known as chiller, is a cooling water device that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. What preparations do we need to do before installation?

Step 1: Installation Environment

  1. The unit should not be close to fire and tinder. If it is installed together with heatingunit such as boiler, it is necessary to consider the effect of thermal radiation.
  2. Select those sites where indoor temperature is below 45° and is drafty. It is not permitted to install and store the unit outside or in the open air or in the environment with corrosive gas.
  3. Select the site with less dust.
  4. The site should be bright for easy maintenance and inspection.
  5. In order to meet the needs of maintaining, inspecting and cleaning the water chiller and the heat exchange tube of the condenser, there should be enough space for tubing, which should be as long as the evaporator and the condenser.
  6. For the sake of easy lift and overhaul, it is necessary to install traveling crane or derrick car and ensure that the machine room is high enough.
  7. The surrounding of the unit and the whole machine room should be drained completely.

Step 2: Site Confirmation

In order to perform the installation work safely, correctly and rapidly, the related installer should confirm the following situation beforehand:

  1. Installation site: confirm whether it accords with the requirement.
  2. Hole for carrying: confirm its size, height and lifting volume and remove the obstacle.
  3. Order of carrying: determine the way and the order of carrying according to the situation pf installation site and equipment.
  4. Access for carrying: remove the obstacle on the access that precludes the carrying.

Step 3: Base Construction

The compressor has relatively less movable parts and is stable, so the live load for base is small. In case of corrosion of the unit footing, it is required that the surrounding of the unit is in good drain state. The corresponding basic plane to base steel of the unit should be smooth. The specific requirements are as below:

  1. The maximum altitude difference (levelness) should be within 3mm.
  2. For easy maintenance and inspection of the water chiller basic refrigerantion cycle, the base should be higher than 100mm.
  3. It is necessary to install drain ditch around the refrigerant unit.
  4. There should be no space between the base steel and the foot plate of the refrigerant unit. Inser the adjusting shim between the base steel and the concrete base. Adjust the base steel to be horizontal (the altitude difference should be within 0.5mm every meter. )
  5. The installation base of the unit must be concrete or steely structure, which can bear the running weight of the machine. Besides, the top should be horizontal. It is better to prepare a drain ditch in the installation base.

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