Oil Circulating System and Control System of Water Chiller

In the compressor, the refrigeration oil lubricates and cools the bearing and rotor via the differential pressure of the system and inner oil circuit. During exhaust of the compressor, refrigeration oil will be discharged out of the compressor together with gassy refrigerant. If the refrigeration oil can not return to the compressor, the compressor will lack oil, which will damage the compressor. With patent designed oil reclaim system, ATO screw water-cooled chiller ensures that the refrigeration oil discharged together with the gassy refrigerant return to the compressor and that the unit runs safely and reliably.

Oil reclaim system includes:

  1. Oil reclaim via oil separator: efficient oil separator is installed between the compressor and condenser. Most refrigeration oil discharged with gassy refrigerant will be hold up by the oil separator and sent back to the compressor via air inlet.
  2. Oil reclaim via high-pressure injection: a small amount of refrigeration oil will enter condenser and finally gather in the evaporator, with the help of high-pressure liquid, the refrigeration oil gathering in the evaporator will return to the compressor. The control system of water chiller adopts microcomputer control, with LED of power, running and malfunction on the panel of the control cabinet for intuitive management. In addition, emergency stop button is available on the panel of the control cabinet, which can stop the unit to ensure its safety when the emergency malfunction occurs.
    Warning: Do not press this emergency stop button when the unit is running. Otherwise, it may damage the unit.

As the compressor is the important part of the unit, the protection includes:

  1. Lack phase protection;
  2. Thermal overload protection;
  3. Exhaust temperature protection of the compressor;
  4. Inner overload protection of the compressor;
  5. Differential pressure protection.

The above protection functions ensure the normal use of compressor. There is an operation display and a LCD on the door of electric control cabinet. The display will show the running information and system parameters of the unit. Different buttons
have different functions, including parameter setting, control of start and stop, status display, temperature display, malfunction display and so on. Operation, setting and inspection are available on this display.

The main functions of the display or touch panel are:

  1. Displaying the running information of the system;
  2. Displaying status information of the system;
  3. Displaying the malfunction information of the unit;
  4. Setting the running parameters of the unit;
  5. Setting automatic timer for start and stop of the unit.
Chiller with an oil management system

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