Protection Measures During Startup and Shutdown of Water Chiller

Water chiller protect measure

Protection measures during startup of water chiller

  1. When the host machine is shut down due to a sudden power outage, the compressor may reverse under the action of the differential pressure between the exhaust and the suction because the by-pass solenoid valve fails to open. At this time, the suction stop valve should be quickly closed.
  2. If it is started in the season with low temperature, the electric heater on the oil separator should be turned on first and the oil pump should be started to circulate the oil before it is started.
  3. Observe and record suction pressure, suction temperature of water chiller, exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature and other data.
  4. If the automatic shutdown due to a safety protection action, we must find out the cause of the fault before starting, and must not arbitrarily use the method of changing the fixed value at will.
  5. The normal oil level in the oil separator is between the upper side oil mirror and the lower oil mirror, which should be guaranteed before each startup. The oil level may drop after startup, but when it reaches a certain level, the liquid level switch can give the model and automatically stop the machine. The operator should pay attention to whether the oil level is appropriate and give oil supplement when necessary.
  6. During the normal operation of the compressor, adjust the suction stop valve to make the suction pressure slightly lower than the atmospheric pressure. One end of the refueling pipe is connected with the refueling valve on the suction stop valve, and the other end of the chiller is inserted into the oil drum. Slowly open the refueling valve on the suction filter to carry out refueling. Refueling speed must be slow, pay attention to the change of machine sound, when the compressor abnormal sound, or vibration, turn down the opening degree of refueling valve.

Protection measures during shutdown of water chiller

  1. If the machine is shut down for a long time, the oil pump should be opened for 10 minutes every week to let the lubricating oil spread throughout the compressor.
  2. If the temperature is low in the season, a long time to shut down, should be the oil cooler and other water equipment in the water storage, to prevent damage to the equipment frozen.

There are many other ways to protect water chiller, please contact us for more information.

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