Water Chiller for Hydroponics

Hydroponics is not new. It has been used for many years. In hydroponic farming, you have a gardening solution that will help you maximize your greenhouse space and increase the overall yield of your farm. But there are several chillers on the market. So, how do you choose the most suitable variety for your hydroponic needs? Well, when shopping for an authentic water chiller for your hydroponics, consider the following factors.

Hydroponic chiller is a special cooling equipment, which helps to stabilize the temperature of fish. Today, these coolers soon entered hydroponic agriculture. With aquarium chillers, you have a cooling solution that can stabilize the temperature of your hydroponic environment and help you maximize production.

Chillers can now be used to keep the reservoir of hydroponic gardens cool. It is important to note that technology has made it possible to design different chillers for different hydroponic purposes. For example, refrigeration devices can be used to transport nutrients to hydroponic devices. The liquid in these pumps is then cooled or cooled by a cooling coil.

Of course, you can use a water chiller to keep your hydroponic reservoir cool. However, you can still take some measures to keep the reservoir cool. The following ideas will help you reach the best temperature, happiness, health, and string water, bacon and plants.

Water chiller hydroponics

How to Keep Hydroponics Reservoirs Cool?

Size and Color. Choose a larger reservoir. In addition, choose a light colored storage tank. Alternatively, you can consider a reservoir with white paint, which will reflect light and maintain the expansion of heat.

Location. Consider putting your reservoir in the shade. Or you can put it in a tent, aluminum, or even cardboard. Placing the reservoir at ambient temperature prevents overheating. In addition, if your hydroponic garden is located outdoors, consider digging a hole. Then put it in.

Insulation. Consider that a reservoir is specifically designed to handle hydroponic nutrient solution. Alternatively, consider using large coolers. In addition, you can use an insulated reservoir, which will do a good job in thermal management. With an insulator, the low temperature of the water chiller can be maintained.

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