Water Chiller Leak and Supplement of Refrigerant

Refrigerant supplement in the use of water chiller also has a great impact. Make sure of the charging of the refrigerant by check the suction and exhaust pressure. If there is leak, replenish the refrigerant. Perform air tightness test when replenishing the refrigerant or replacing the parts of circulating system. Charging refrigerant should be different based on the following two situations.

Complete Leak of Refrigerant

In this situation, perform leak test with high-pressure nitrogen (15~20 kilogram air pressure) or refrigerant. If repair welding is necessary, it is required to discharge the gas inside the system before welding. The system must be dried and vacuumized before charging the refrigerant. Steps are:

  1. Ensure that all the stop valves are open. Connect the vacuum lead to the Freon inlet of the stop valve on the suction pipe of compressor and on the discharge pipe of the condenser.
  2. Vacuumize the pipe with the vacuum pump.
  3. When the vacuum level is reached, charge the refrigerant via Freon inlet of the stop valve on the discharge pipe of the condenser. The charging volume is shown on the nameplate.

Replenishing the Refrigerant

  1. Connect the refrigerant filling tank to the freon inlet on the suction pipe of the compressor. Water chiller and freon can be used together.
  2. Circulate the chilled/cooling water and start the unit.
  3. Charge the refrigerant into the system and check the suction and exhaust pressure.


  1. When performing leak test and air tightness test, do not charge flammable, poisonous gas such oxygen and ethylene, but only pressure nitrogen or refrigerant.
  2. When charging and releasing gassy refrigerant, please start the water pump to keep circulation in the evaporator and condenser in case of freezing.
  3. Do not charge too much refrigerant. otherwise, it may cause decrease of high pressure and high cooling capacity and increase of electricity depletion or even damage of the compressor.

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