Working Process of Water Chiller

If you want to use, operate and maintain water chiller, or engage in the refrigeration industry, you should first have a general understanding of water-cooled water chiller. To understand the chiller, first of all, we should start with the general working process and important parts, as detailed below.

Water chiller working process

First exclude water cooling and air cooling, which is only classified by the cooling mode and cooling mode of condenser. The working process of the chiller here is the same whether it is air cooling or water cooling.

Starting from the chiller that has never been turned on, the compressor will inhale refrigerant, low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas from the suction tube, and then compress it. If water chiller is compressed, the refrigerant will become hot and the pressure will become high. According to the compression ratio and different types of compressors, the compression results are also different.

After the compression, the compressor will discharge the compressed refrigerant gas from the exhaust pipe, which has become high temperature and high pressure. After the refrigerant into the condenser, the condenser started to work, condenser will not take the initiative to work, because it will only compressor exhaust gas and passive work, rather than the components is a part, the role of the condenser is condensation, namely cooling refrigerant, refrigerant of high temperature and high pressure gas cooling condenser cooling into a liquid. The working method is to dissipate heat through the copper tube of the condenser itself, and the heat of the copper tube (in fact, the heat brought by the compressor to the refrigerant and the refrigerant itself) is spread out by water cooling or air cooling.

According to the difference of air-cooled and water-cooled water coolers, the cooling medium of condenser can be water or air (air-cooled).

The cooled refrigerant passes through the throttle valve, an important part of the chiller, and is then throttled into a low-pressure, low-temperature refrigerant liquid. Refrigerant liquid will enter the evaporator, the purpose of entering the evaporator is to absorb the heat of the target equipment, heat absorption will vaporize, refrigerant from liquid again into gas, after being recycled by the system, again into the compressor, so as to recycle.

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