Air Cooled Water Chiller

25 ton air cooled industrial water chiller

Industrial air-cooled chillers use the ambient air as the direct cooling medium for the refrigeration circuit, making them more practical for many facilities and processes. This means that they are usually more common in smaller to medium sized applications in locations were ambient extremes are not typical. These chillers are advantageous in that they have simpler maintenance requirements (as they are less-complex systems than water-cooled chillers) and have lower installation costs. Air-cooled chillers are typically smaller than water-cooled chiller, with many medium sized systems installed outside.


  • Cost-effective

Packaged air-cooled chillers come in quick-to-install water chiller systems that save time and money.

  • Low Maintenance

Another advantage of packaged air-cooled chillers is that they have fewer components to maintain than water-cooled systems. Without a cooling tower, condenser pump, and other parts, air-cooled chillers require less maintenance than other systems with a more complex component structure.

  • Save Interior Space

Because packaged air-cooled chillers are housed outdoors, they take up less interior space than water-cooled chiller, making them ideal for facilities with space restraints. Air-cooled chillers do not need cooling towers, condenser pumps, or mechanical rooms to function, lending a space-saving advantage.

  • Doesn’t Affect Ambient Conditions

While some water-cooled chillers can produce moisture and cause already damp industrial environments to exceed ideal levels, packaged air-cooled systems do not modify the ambient humidity or temperature.