Steps of Inspection of Water System

Before using the chiller, complete the following checks.

  1. Check if the flowing direction for water of evaporator and condenser is correct.
  2. Check if the cooling water pipe and chilled water pipe is clean, if there is foreign matter in cooling tower, water pool and position connecting to outside, if the water quality meets the requirements. How to pipe water chiller is a good problem.
  3. Check the thermal retardation of the chilled water pipe.
  4. Check if the connection of pressure meter and temperature meter is correct. The pressure meter should be 90° vertical to water pipe. Ensure that the sensor of temperature meter should be immersed in the water. Check if the original state of pressure meter value and temperature meter value conform to the requirements before debugging.
  5. Check if the flow switch of chilled water/cooling water is correctly installed. Ensure that the flow switch and control cabinet are correctly connected.
  6. Stir the chilled water pump and cooling water pump to check the rotational direction. The correct rotational direction should be clockwise. Otherwise, please recheck the wiring of water pump.
  7. Operate the chilled water pump and cooling water pump to check if the water pressure is stable through the pressure meter. Check if the current is within the range of rated current. If it exceeds the rated value, please check if the resistance of the system is too large. Please remove the system malfunction until the current meet the requirements.
  8. Check if the automatic water replenishing equipment of cooling tower/expansion water tank is free. Check if the automatic exhaust valve is normal. If it is a manual exhaust valve, open the exhaust valve of water chiller pipe and cooling water pipe to discharge all the interior gas.
  9. Ensure the equipment such as fan of cooling tower is normal, without abnormal noise. Check if the belt of the fan is too tight or too loose. Ensure the connecting belt of fan and electromotor is not slipped, without abnormal noise.
Water system

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