Reasons of Water Chiller High Pressure

High pressure reason

Insufficient heat dissipation of condenser

When the condenser is small or the heat dissipation efficiency is low, the heat cannot be discharged in time, and the condensation temperature rises, which leads to the rise of the condensation pressure, and makes the compressor exhaust pressure become high, the exhaust temperature rises, and the compressor power also increases. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the compressor will appear overheating protection and other phenomena.

Too much refrigerant is charged

System refrigerant charging too much, too much refrigerant will remain within the condenser, reduce the area of effective cooling condenser, lead to the condenser of condensing pressure and condensation temperature, the exhaust pressure increases, and the exhaust temperature, refrigerant overdose can start on the compressor load at the same time, the motor start-up difficulties, seriously destroyed due to excessive current when motor.

Excessive pressure ratio

Pressure ratio rises, specific work rises and exhaust temperature rises. The exhaust temperature is greatly affected by the compression ratio, and the higher the compression ratio, the higher the exhaust temperature. Reducing the compression ratio can obviously reduce the exhaust temperature, including increasing the suction pressure of water chiller and reducing the exhaust pressure.

Suction pressure is determined by evaporation pressure and suction line resistance. Increasing the evaporation temperature can effectively improve the suction pressure, rapidly reduce the compression ratio, thereby reducing the exhaust temperature. Reducing the resistance of the return pipe can also improve the return pressure. The specific methods include replacing the dirty and blocked return air filter in time and reducing the length of the evaporation pipe and return pipe as much as possible. In addition, the lack of refrigerant is also a factor of low suction pressure, refrigerant leakage should be timely replenished. Practice shows that increasing the suction pressure to reduce the exhaust temperature is more simple and effective than other methods.

The temperature is high

Return temperature is relative to evaporation temperature. In order to prevent liquid return, the return gas super heat of 20 ℃ is generally required. If the heat preservation of the return pipe is not good, the super heat is far more than 20 ℃. The higher the return temperature, the higher the cylinder suction temperature and exhaust temperature. The exhaust temperature will increase by 1-1.3 ℃ every time the return temperature increases by 1 ℃.

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