Causes of Noise From Water Chiller

Sound is inevitable when the water chiller works. For example, when the fan rotates and the fan blade rubs against the air, sound will be generated. 20 HP 17 ton air cooled industrial water chiller has the advantages of smooth and reliable operation, lower fault, low vibration noise, convenient maintenance and long life. Normal sound is allowed, but serious, harsh and irregular noise should be paid attention to. Here are some common causes and solutions.

Noise cause water chiller

Whether anchor screws are loose

The chiller is fixed on the ground. If the water chiller runs for a long time, the anchor bolt becomes loose, which will cause the chiller to be unstable and cause noise. In this case, it can be solved by replacing the anchor bolt. Vibration absorption can also be installed so that the chiller is firmly fixed on the ground. Installation of water chiller is a very important step.

Whether the connecting pipes are firm

There are large and small pipes on the chiller. When connecting the chiller, the cooling equipment and other auxiliary devices are needed, the connecting screw is loose, which will produce noise after operation. The solution is to fix the pipes and equipment.

Checking the fan

Air cooled chiller with fan fan, composed of fan cover and blade, the blade by external deformation, rotation will produce noise, fan cover will also cause noise due to dust debris into the noise, by replacing the blade and regularly clean up the debris above the fan fan, noise can be reduced.

Whether the water pump is abnormal

The reason for the abnormal sound of the pump is mostly because of the water quality, which is not clean enough to cause the blockage of the pump pipe, resulting in abnormal sound and noise. It is necessary to treat the circulating water to meet the requirements of the water chiller.

Checking the compressor

Abnormal sound of the compressor is an important problem. As the compressor is the “heart” of the chiller, special attention should be paid to abnormal sound. There are three main reasons for abnormal sound of the compressor:

  1. The liquid refrigerant enters the compressor. Once the liquid refrigerant enters the compressor, it cannot be compressed, resulting in liquid pressure and liquid shock to the internal structure, resulting in vibration or sound. In addition, too much refrigerant will dilute the refrigerant oil, causing wear and tear of mechanical parts.
  2. Too much refrigerant oil causes liquid shock. Check the refrigerant oil in the compressor regularly and adjust it to the right amount.
  3. Abnormal sound of compressor cylinder and crankshaft. Generally, due to the lack of lubricating oil, resulting in abnormal wear of the internal components of the compressor, thereby reducing the service life of the equipment. In this case, the compressor should be repaired or replaced, and the condition of the chiller and compressor should be checked regularly.

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